Xbox 360 wiimote rumours confirmed?

xbox 360 wiimoteLooks like the X360 wiimote motion sensing controller is coming this winter., a blog that claims it has obtained insider informations, confirms the Microsoft is working  on the clone, code-named “Newton”.

This confirms the rumour that started with this MTV News article. I think if M$ can pull this off by the end of the year, they will take a huge chunk of the Wii market. After all, the wiimote controller is the selling point of this console, and the sales volumes have been huge. Think of the possibilities! Star Wars: The Force Unleashed light sabers? OMG!

From what I’ve learned from internal sources at Microsoft I can collaborate that the Newton project is moving forward and I can believe the time table that it has been in development for a while now and they could get it on the market by winter of 2008. The Newton is also going to use an LED sensor bar that can be powered by the USB ports on the 360, it is going to have an LED sensor on the front accelerometer and gyroscope sensor that can detect tilt and motion, rumble motors, wireless two way data communication with the 360, a built in Microphone for Xbox Live and voice-activated games.

Now if MS could add an external Blu-Ray player to replace their failed HD-DVD box, the 360 would probably become, by far, the best console money can buy. Not that it isn’t a wonderful product already :)


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