M$ hiring for Peter Jackson’s Halo!

Elite conceptMTV Multiplayer has a story on how Microsoft Game Studios is hiring game engineers, producers, creative director, for a misterious Peter Jackson-helmed Halo project (maybe Halo: Chronicles?). I hope it will be a movie though, not a game. There is alot of lore created by bungie and fans around the Halo Universe. There are five novels, three graphic novels, and a comic series that make a fascinating backstory. If it is a movie it will be epic for sure. However, the Halo movie project has so far been turned down by the big studios in the pre-production phase, although Jackson has tried very hard to push it through his production company. I predict it will be a movie+game uber package and it will be entirely financed by M$. Can’t wait!

Microsoft official statement:

A Peter Jackson-helmed Halo project was announced at X06 in Barcelona. Since then, Microsoft Game Studios has been hard at work collaborating with Peter Jackson and Bungie on the development of that project. At this time, it’s necessary to grow the internal team to keep pace with development. Bungie will continue to remain involved in multiple aspects of the Halo Universe with MGS.

[MTV Multiplayer]

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