Global Preview Event on March 24th

Hi guys! Long time no see… I’m really sorry about that… It’s just I had a really hard time at work lately… I usually get home at about 8 PM so :( Anyway I’ll try to log on asap… and I will definitely not miss the….
Big Factions Preview Event on March 24th

… duh

A few details from the official press release…

On March 24, 2006, game players around the globe are invited to participate in the Guild Wars Factions Preview Event, an exclusive and one-time opportunity unlike any offered before. All current Guild Wars players can join the event, and will be able to invite up to three of their friends using an in-game invitation interface. Entry into the beta event will also be available through the Guild Wars Factions pre-order package.

A game beta test of this size and scope has never been offered before and is a unique event for both fans and the ArenaNet team alike. With current Guild Wars players, their invited friends, and players around the world who purchase the GWF pre-order converging on the game for the Guild Wars Factions Preview Event, ArenaNet is preparing capacity in all its data centers to handle record-breaking numbers of new players.

So guys… maybe we can organize something nice for the event… See u ingame soon! Cheers!

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