Guild Wars: Factions

All hail Anet! ;)
It’s official – NCsoft, ArenaNet announced yesterday Guild Wars: Factions. The standalone expansion is to be released in the 2nd quarter of 2006. The action will take place in Cantha as predicted by the fans. Another profession is announced (aside from the Assassin which was announced in November) – the Ritualist which apparently will summon spirits and will be a minion master. Read all about it here. And a Gamespy interview detailing all the goodness here. Also check out the guru forum for the latest info.

Also a Free-for-All PvP Weekend is scheduled for January 20 through 22. The worldwide event is open to both existing Guild Wars players and to those who do not have a Guild Wars account. ArenaNet is distributing free access keys to the event on the Guild Wars website.

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  • Damn can’t wait for this new chapter…hehe
    And new chars too…wow…:roll:
    I will buy it!!!
    Hope we all will!
    See ya ingame guys and girls…;-)

    Greetings Mordac Hammerhead

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