Guild Meeting on Sunday

dwarven aleHi all! And welcome to our new members! We are planning a new guild meeting… For Sunday 18 dec, 18:00 GMT (19.00 CET) at the Guild Hall. We will discuss how we can make the guild better so that all members get to experience the game to the full. Be there or be square! Oh and there will be dwarven ale! Cheers! :P

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  • First…tnxs for showing up people :smile:
    I really liked the team spirit on our first guild only mission. Think we have a good team!
    Maybe we have to look into the guildbattle thing :???:
    Hahaha was fun! Brotherhood Of Die a lot…hehe
    Hope to see you soon ingame:wink:
    Greetings Mordac Hammerhead

  • Hi all!
    Really enjoyed last nights meeting. I think we really look like a team. We definitely need to schedule weekly meetings. And we need to set up a team build and strategy for GvG. :roll: Any input from u guys is welcomed.

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